The digital counter VEK CN1 is designed to control small to medium car-parks. Four (4) counting inputs are used to accept signals from loop detectors and/or traffic gate controllers.
The counting inputs increment or decrement the count and is displayed on the 4-digit display. The output relay is used to turn on/off traffic signs or lot full signs

Vehicle Loop Detectors

We offer vehicle presence as well as vehicle motion sensors and detectors for the parking, fast food, and warehouse management.

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Vehicle Sensor

Vehicle Counter

Vehicle counter
VEK Vehicle loop detector
TC30 Ultrasonic vehicle sensor

Q-SAQ INC High Quality Vehicle Detection

Q-SAQ INC Vehicle Loop Detectors, Presence Detectors and Counters

Functionality and reliability are of utmost importance for any vehicle control solution. One important factor of any such solution is the correct and repeated count of vehicles. Our vehicle loop detectors provide the quality and accuracy needed to support gate loop detector for parking, traffic and access control systems.   

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