Q-SAQ INC High Quality Vehicle Detection

MWB Overhead Motion Vehicle Detector

MWB Overhead vehicle motion sensor


MWD BP-C (Radar Motion Detector)
MWD RC-A (Remote Control for MWD BP)

​The MWD is used to control industrial doors and barriers. The MWD can differentiate between vehicles and humans giving it an advantage over conventional loop detectors. It provides a perfect solution for applications where people and vehicles share the same area such as in warehouses. Therefore, forklift detection is just one of the features the MWD has.
The compact plastic housing is weather proofed and suitable for outdoor installation.


  • ​Forklift Safety Sensor
  • Automatic Door Sensor
  • Vehicle count solution


  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Changeable direction logic
  • Adjustable switch sensitivity
  • Potential free relay output
  • Insensitive against surrounding influences
  • Optimum frequency range (K-Band)
  • Adjustable via remote control
  • Two-channel device for vehicle- and people detection
  • Planar micro wave technology
  • Cross traffic suppression
  • Object tracking function
  • Various adjustment options of relay function
  • Pre-configured profiles for typical door applications
  • Programming with pushbutton on device or optional with remote control MWD RC
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