Q-SAQ INC High Quality Vehicle Detection


Vehicle Counter System

​​The digital counter VEK CN1 is designed to control small medium car-parks as well as vehicle traffic counter and car traffic counter. Four counting inputs are used to accept outputs from loop detectors and/or traffic gate controllers. The counting inputs increment or decrement the counter and is displayed on the 4-digit display. The output relay is used to turn on/off traffic signs or lot full signs.

The VEKCN1 can be used as an open space counter in car-park applications. The open space counter and counter hysteresis are adjustable. The output relay can be used to directly control a traffic light or a lot full sign.


  • Traffic counter
  • Vehicle traffic counter
  • Parking vehicle occupancy count
  • Traffic data collection
  • Vehicle counting system
  • Open Space Counter



  • Especially developed for small to medium car-parks
  • Vehicle counter and open space counter
  • 4-digit display
  • Totalizer counter -999 … 9999
  • 4 universal inputs with noise suppression​
  • Inputs function individually adjustable for increment, decrement or reset
  • 1 reset input
  • 1 relay output 150V, 5A for traffic lights and lot full signs (or others)
  • Output function is adjustable for automatic, permanent free, permanent occupied
  • Relay is adjustable to normally open or normally closed mode
  • LED to display relay status
  • 4 independent input counter up to 9,999,999 for statistical use independently displayed
  • Available open space counter and counter hysteresis are adjustable
  • Upper and lower counter threshold is adjustable
  • 3 push buttons for user interface
  • Power Supply 12..24 V DC/AC
  • No loss of current data storage in case of power failure
  • Display of temporary power failure
  • Compact plastic housing 0.88 ” (22,5 mm) x 3.15 ” (80 mm) x 3.35 ” (85 mm), with DIN-Rail mounting


VEK CN1 Vehicle Counter
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